CONTAX Tvs Digital

CONTAX Tvs Digital was my 1st digital camera.

I remember when it first came out 10 years ago…..I was in New Zealand at that time and the price tag was $1,500!!!

I was always interested in film version of Tvs2…, I was interested in the digital version as well. But, it was way too expensive.

But thing changed in early 2005. When Kyocera announced to withdraw from camera indastory, they started big discount everywhere. I could found one for $450!

So, it became my first CONTAX , first Cirl Zeiss and first digital camera……That was amazing for many way.

I can’t forget when I first used it on my way home from shop. I had never seen such a dramatic color……That is CONTAX…….

This is the one…..what kind of color is it…….???

At the same time,  there were lots of negative surprises as well.

First of all, it is just unreliable…….it went for repair for 5 times during warranty including sending back to Japan while I was traveling North America.

Focusing and Starting are really slow. It takes 5sec. to start up and 1 sec. to focus.

But, good thing was It has Manual focus. Thanks for the deep “Depth of field”….MF is good enough for most of the time.

Thanks for the long lasting battery, I don’t need to switch on&off all the time.

That’s how the super slow camera turned into “Snap camera”.

When I went to Los Angeles 4 years ago, I forgot it in a bus. But, amazingly,  It came back to me in couple days.

I am still using it and been into contest for a few times with this camera.  Soon, I am going to Los Angeles again and this is coming with me again.


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