Easy Adobe Photoshop Tutrial…….Creat “Gold”

Creating Gold is not really easy…..Don’ t worry……. I created Easiest Tutorial here!!

Remember ‘water color painting” at elementary school!! Painting by Gold did not make things look like Gold. Why is that?

Because to make look like gold, Lighting effect = reflection is extremely important.

I believe this is the easiest way to do gold even compare to when I learned before.

  1. Creat new document 1000/ 500 px
  2. Type anything on it by white. I used the common font “Century” for here. It is better not to choose font which is too thin or too thick.
  3. Go to Layer – Layer Style – Gradient Overlay.
  4. Set up the color as the photo show. This is much easier than other wabsites.
  5. Layer Style – Bevel and  EmbossTop “Structure” part is to decide the “shape”. Bottom “Shading” is for lighting effect. Try to wiggle those 2 with red circle. They will make bid difference. This is also depends on shape as well.
  6. Give some “Inner Glow“…..that will make it shinny.
  7. So as “Outer Glow“.
  8. Satin” will give a bit shadow or stain on the surface and will make it real.
  9. That is it…..As I said before, It is also depends on shape or size. If it does not go that well, you got to try some wiggle especially No.5 with Red circle.

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