Pridicting future LEICA mirrorless camera

This is done by Adobe Photoshop!! Original image is the one below.Leica has already officially announced that they are developing “mirrorless camera” now.

At the same time, they said that is not going to be “micro four-thirds” and carry APS-C size sensor.

Also the price range was going to be between M9 and X-1.

This means I guess they are still doing together with some Japanese manufacture. otherwise, they won’t be able to be the price range.

If I look around Japanese manufacture with APS-C sensored  mirrorless camera…..there are only 2 around.

Sony & Fuji……I guess one of them is going to be base of next Leica.

First of all, Sony NEX is quite poor on lens and the poorly designed lens mount and flange back won’t be good enough for Leicca standards.

Now…..Look at the new Fuji X-Pro1…..It looks like Leica M……, But at the same time, their design is not quite as sophisticated as Leica M.

I am guessing that Fuji was developing with Leica and soon, the Leica version is coming out. It reminds me Panasonic L-1…….Panasonic came out earlier and they were keeping better design for more expensive Leica Digilux 3!!

The image above is based on Fuji X-pro1 and gave some tweak by Adobe Photoshop.

This is the original Fuji X-Pro1.

When they try to design something like range finder camera, it is natural to try  to be like Leica.  But X-Pro1 looks like missing key points on purposely,

Size of lens, body, sensor and flange back……I can’t think any other camera for LEICA base at this stage.


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