Adobe Photoshop Tutorial……Combine Color and Black &White Image Part2

Combining color image on Black&White….or turning background to B&W makes dramatic images……

There is a photo of old Yellow cab…….well……such a dull & boring photo……so, I used the technic I explained last time.

Image – Mode – Grayscale then, after you withdraw the color, turn it back to RGB color again.

At this stage, you only have B&W image.

Pick History brush, then brush around the Yellow cab. It is better to use Large, Soft brush.

Well… least it looks a little bit better….

Let’s make it look even better!

“Ctrl+J” to Duplicate the layer, try the blending modes…..

It is really depends on the image, I liked Vivid Light on this image and adjust the Opacity to 90%.

How about this? The boring photo became such a dramatic image.

From my experience, lots of boring photos can be good material of photoshop. So, please be careful to delete photos.


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