The view of Hollywood…..

There are many celebrities around Hollywood Blvd.……well…..ones you can see  are  not real……of course.

Lots of people are doing this kind of business.

They are looking cool…..then I shoot and took off…….that was how I got this. This is done by film as well.

I did not notice until recently, but films are still good. It looks “alive“.

Canon F-1  NewFD50-135mmF3.5


Pridicting future LEICA mirrorless camera


This gallery contains 2 photos.

This is done by Adobe Photoshop!! Original image is the one below.Leica has already officially announced that they are developing “mirrorless camera” now. At the same time, they said that is not going to be “micro four-thirds” and carry APS-C … Continue reading

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial……Combine Color and Black &White Image Part2

Combining color image on Black&White….or turning background to B&W makes dramatic images……

There is a photo of old Yellow cab…….well……such a dull & boring photo……so, I used the technic I explained last time.

Image – Mode – Grayscale then, after you withdraw the color, turn it back to RGB color again.

At this stage, you only have B&W image.

Pick History brush, then brush around the Yellow cab. It is better to use Large, Soft brush.

Well… least it looks a little bit better….

Let’s make it look even better!

“Ctrl+J” to Duplicate the layer, try the blending modes…..

It is really depends on the image, I liked Vivid Light on this image and adjust the Opacity to 90%.

How about this? The boring photo became such a dramatic image.

From my experience, lots of boring photos can be good material of photoshop. So, please be careful to delete photos.