CONTAX Tvs2……this is the only film camera I have with me now.

Due to the price of films and processing, I don’t think film is practical anymore.

My first Digital camera was CONTAX Tvs Digital. I purchased the expensive camera when Kyocera got out of camera industry.

It was my first CONTAX and was always using Canon before. Actually, Tvs Digital was amazing camera and that was the time I got interested in this camera again.

When it was on market, I never thought of purchasing it due to the price tag of $1,500!!

The over $1,500 camera in late 90’s was now only $200!!

As you can see from previous posting,  Cirl Zeiss lens does such an amazing  job…..I can say Cirl Zeiss is not the only Urban Legend.

Although it has been into repair 2 times,It still is a good camera.

Actually, I wanted CONTAX SLR too, but I don’t think it is practical… least for me.


3 thoughts on “CONTAX Tvs2

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    • Actually, Tvs Digital is not the first Digital CONTAX.
      N Digital which came out in 2002 was the first one.
      It was huge& expensive full size SLR.

      CONTAX digital were not successful….but they still take quite good photos even the view of today.

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