Adobe Photoshop….Downtown Los Angeles

This is a photo of Downtown Los Angeles……well……it could be a bit boring. So, I decided to draw some cloud on the sky.

At first, I tried to draw clouds above the building…..but, it did not look that good. I found It is better to have clouds “behind those buildings!.

So, I decided to remove the original sky. Due to the clear (& boring) sky, “Magic eraser” worked very good.

Then, I made a new layer under the photo and gave some gradient to make it look like sky.

It needed some adjustment to much the color with the edge of buildings and tree. There was some leftover from original sky.

Now, install another layer between building and sky. That is where I made some cloud.

That is the result. It would be a bit different from the original, but it looks more dramatic….I think.


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