Adobe Photoshop Project

I was taking Adobe Photoshop Level3 course at a University in Vancouver, Canada.

This was the final project for the course.

Since the Photoshop Level2, what we were learning was the skill of “Layer mask” and “Channel mask” which are one of the strongest tools of Adobe Photoshop to cut out complicated shape.

This is based on the image of “Pele Castle” in Romania……which looks so nice & clean. Of course they finished up only 100 years ago….!

So, first of all…..I had to ruin a little bit with pasting cracks and rough surface, making holes and pasting picture of “ruins” behind……. and mach up with “blending mode”.

“Original sky” has been removed by “Channel mask” and created my own sky by using “Gradient overlay” and pasting some planets or galaxies and give some “Outer glow” to make them shiny……

Dragon and Knight were also cut away by Channel masks. Each of them needed to join 3 Channel masks due to the low contrast images.

The knight…..actually, it is the famous portrait of Napoleon……which has been flipped towards to the dragon and having light saber because normal sword did not look good enough in this kind of dark background.

To position Dragon and Knight, I used “Grass brush”. It also worked to make it look rough & old as well.

It is not that easy to draw grass by brush… you know……I used “Brush preset” especially “Color dynamics” did quite good job.

At least I think I could combine all the technique I learned at the course…..although it is looking a bit busy…..

This is the Original image… the way…..


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